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bi0mes asked: aw thats really good to hear, i'm glad i can brighten your mood, and that you appreciate my asks so much c: and yeah i'll bet he's going to look great once he's all finished, i'm very excited to see how he turns out :D

When asks aren’t something you get really, you appreciate them so much more :) Wish I had the time to work on him tomorrow, that his wigs were here and that I could sit sew him something nice to wear and present him at the end of the day. I’ll just have to stay patient.

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And because of someone being rude for no apparent reason, rather wanting to call me names than actually helping me, I deleted and reposted the lastest post a million times because they didn’t stop their rudeness towards me.

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Fucking finally! After working on this guy on and off for a week, I can now sit back and admire the little guy sitting all in one piece before me. Won’t be painting him today as the weather gods aren’t with me and probably won’t either tomorrow because of Easter luncheon. I’ll get around to it eventually, besides, his wigs aren’t here yet so no need to hurry anyway. For those curious to see how my sculpting endeavours went making him a little penis here’s a few pictures:




Will get around to buying some acrylic paint and get it to match the rest to the best of my abilities, for now he’s just happy being an anatomically correct male.

And before I leave, here’s a picture of him sitting happily in my lap, all strung and in all of his naked glory:


Taffy over and out! Until next update anyway

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My brain is mush and of course it decided it would be a splendid time as ever to start modeling a penis, best decision ever, yes, no better time than when you’re beat, running on 4 hours of sleep, though, in all really, not at all. After two hours this is the single most productive thing that came out of my endeavours:

I don’t even know myself, still sitting laughing like some idiot, god I need sleep man…

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A few more progress pictures, so close to the goal now!
Both chest and hip piece hollowed out, made a new hole in hip piece for elastic string and filled the previous ones out with apoxie clay and made a new rounded opening. The clay can’t be seen unless one pose the chest for/backwards or to either side, doesn’t really bother me as this cutie patootie won’t be going no where. The apoxie were still not entirely hardened for me to sand it so used a hobby knife to sit and scrape at it to shape it up how I wanted it. Next thing up will be either water sanding or sculpting him a penis and last, but not least, painting and sewing something for him to wear.

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Not anywhere near finished, so very much more sanding to do and I’m getting tired, but I’m happy being able to see this getting somewhere. Soon the only thing missing will be sculpting a cute little penis.

Looks sweet already. And yay! Doodle sculpting! XD

Hahahaha, doodle sculpting, that’s a new one, was about to ask you what it was xD Sounds so innocent and coy to me.
Anyway, thanks, it really does, so worth all the effort and soreness because one doesn’t have a proper workspace and have to sit on the floor in ones bathroom to keep the resin dust from flying all over. Real classy, I know.

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